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Why should we care about earth-friendly architecture?

Globally, the construction industry is responsible for 40% of air pollution, 40% of drinking water pollution and 50% of landfill waste. Don’t let your home be a part of this horror.

There’s so much you can explore with rustic building materials and this workshop will open these opportunities for you.

Are natural building materials better?

Homes built with natural materials will keep the interiors relatively cool in summers and warm in winters. The workshop is focused to keep your construction cost-efficient and materials easily obtainable. Mud and lime will be the hero materials and the construction designed in a way to suit the climate of India.

What to expect in the Auroville camp:


  • Learn how to identify different properties of earth, lime, how to procure it, prepare it and understand different ways of using it.

  • The interactive sessions will create a fast learning environment that covers theory and practical hands-on sessions.

  • Understand the use of renewable energy, dry compost toilets, wastewater treatment, waste management and rainwater harvesting

  • Go on visits that explore a rich tapestry of approaches and styles of building

  • You can choose 'with accommodation' and 'non-accommodation' packages. Prices will differ accordingly.

Tell me more about this!

A 6-day workshop to get you started on a sustainable architecture journey

Sustainable Architecture

Mud and lime can do the job of cement and do it better! Let you home be an earth-friendly abode.

Intermediary Learning

This 6-day camp is for a deep understanding and hands-on experience of constructing with natural materials like mud and lime.

Expert Guidance

Manu Gopalan, the architect facilitating this workshop has worked extensively in the sustainable architecture field and will guide you in the workshop

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