Here’s How a Tailor Born Without Arms in Haryana Has Mastered the Art of Stitching!


Even after starting his small business, he came across a few people who were sceptical about his skills at first.

“My ability is stronger than my disability.”

A host of people in India have stayed true to this credo of living and made a difference. Not only to their own lives, but also to that of others. They inspire people to look beyond the physical limitations of an individual.

One such person is Madan Lal, 45, from Haryana, a tailor by profession and vocation, who was born without arms.

As a young student with disability, Madan Lal was denied entry to even an inclusive school, but that did not deter him. “My family couldn’t afford to educate me, and I thought that the government wouldn’t help me either. So I’ll have to do something to survive in this life,” he told Daily Mail.

At 23, young Madan decided to pursue tailoring to earn his livelihood. After a long search for a trainer, he eventually found a teacher willing to give him a chance. The only question asked was, “You don’t even have arms. How will you stitch?”

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He travelled to Fatehabad and learnt the art in the short span of a year. Today this local hero owns a shop and stitches beautiful garments, all with the help of his talented toes.

“Whatever I have to do in my life, it’s just with my feet. All the stitching work I do with my feet. From cutting the cloth to measurement, I have to use my feet,” he told ANI.

Even after starting his small business, he came across a few people who were sceptical about his skills at first. “People used to make fun of me. They never believed that I would learn tailoring using my feet. They would say, “He stitches with his feet, he will ruin our clothes.” Then I slowly started to win their confidence,” he shared, according to the Daily Mail report.

While growing up, his disability did not bother him because his grandparents would take care of him and his daily chores.

Establishing his own shop gave him independence and a new lease of life. “That day I forgot all the sufferings. It was the best day of my life. I saw people coming to my shop to greet me. The whole village was happy, as if they were part of my family,” he said.

Today everyone visits Madan Lal’s shop showing him immense support and love. He is also training five to seven children from the village.

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