Fat-Shamed, AIB Comedienne Bravely Hits Back at Relentless Trolls on Twitter

The last straw was a meme with the tag, ‘When you meet a fatty family’ posted on Twitter that used Supriya's own image.

Remember that one classmate in school who was the butt of all jokes just because he/she was on the heavier side?

What must have seemed then as harmless joking is in reality fat-shaming and bullying — something that often affects a person for life.

The same body shaming and bullying, often even more ruthless, is now on the rise in the cyber space.

In the latest instance, it was Supriya Joshi, an All India Bakchod (AIB) comedienne, who was relentlessly trolled for her physique and tagged on fat-shaming memes that weren’t even funny to begin with.


The last straw for her was a meme with the tag, ‘When you meet a fatty family’ posted on Twitter that used Supriya’s own image, after which the young woman took to the very same microblogging platform to give the cyber bullies a piece of her mind.


Addressing the body-shaming memes on which she was being tagged, Supriya dealt with the shamers like a boss, explaining that no amount of trolling or hate would bring her down, not after all the time it took for her to finally be in love with her body.


Ending on a pleasant note using one of her own lines from her live shows, Supriya said, ” You are beautiful and have no physical flaws”.


And about loving yourself and others around you.


While many applauded Supriya’s courage to give it back to haters, not everyone was pleased. Many took the defensive stance, saying they were “concerned about her health.”


A salute to Supriya, who didn’t let haters ruin her day, and like one of the fellow Twitter users commented:


Keep Shining!

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