Ransomware Panic? These Ethical Hackers in Chennai Are Upping Cybersecurity for Companies Worldwide

While firms worldwide have been hitting rock bottom, a group of ethical hackers from Chennai are on a watchdog mission.

Most of us have heard of the terms hacking, viruses and Trojan as we grew up and became more familiarized with the cyber world.

Now, ransomware is the current dreaded term, with multinational conglomerates having their cyber security breached and incurring huge losses.

Ransomwares fall under the category of malicious softwares that are designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Just like kidnapping for ransom—hence the name.

Remember the WannaCry attack last month?

For representational purposes. Source: Pixabay.

Crippling the cyber securities once again is a new ransomware that goes by the name Petya. While firms worldwide have been hitting rock bottom, a group of ethical hackers from Chennai are on a watchdog mission.

InfySEC, a firm that specialises in cyber security solutions, has been working incessantly ever since the outbreak of the Petya. Led by Vinod Senthil, who is the director and chief technical officer, the team has been busy answering panic calls from clients.

“We have a close network of security experts and we alert one another when there is a threat. WannaCry has made companies serious about cyber security. While none of our clients have been affected, news of a ransomware attack spreads fear,” Karthick Vigneshwar, the technical advisor, told TOI.

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Post the Zomato debacle, people view ethical hackers through the eyes of doubt despite their capability to support organisations towards fortifying cyber security.

“Their work is frowned upon because people worry that vulnerabilities in their systems will be made public or data the ethical hacker gets might be put up on the dark web,” said Vivek Rajaraman, part of the cyber security team of an IT giant.

Thanks to their exceptional hacking skills, the InfySEC guys have been saving the day for their clients despite the outbreak of cyber threats worldwide.

You can reach out to InfySEC at enquiry@infysec.com.

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