How Solar Panels Can Help Indian Homemakers Save Money While Creating Greener Homes

From a solar perspective, the buy-in from the family during and post installation is really critical.

In many Indian homes the lady of the house still manages the home finances. The electricity bill is one big monthly expense for all of us, hence it was interesting to see Mrs. Anita Khanna deeply involved during our discussion around solar power. Like all of us, she is interested in reducing her monthly outflow as those funds could be put to use for something more productive. Mrs. Anita Khanna and her husband were one of the first few people in Mumbai to solar power their home. Sunvest installed a 3 KW solar system at their Andheri (W) home, which took about 300 sq.ft. of space and their electricity bill has gone down by about Rs. 4,000 every month.

Our interactions with Mrs. Khanna gave us some very important insights:
Importance of Great After Sales Service
If you are entering someone’s house and getting into their personal space, you have to be credible. From a solar perspective, the buy-in from the family during and post installation is really critical. Issues around cleanliness and aesthetics play an important role on how technologies such as solar are adopted. For a home-maker, the issues around after sales are a big nuisance. With the number of consumer durables and gadgets increasing in our homes, there is a long list of people to follow up with in case of a malfunction. Once we installed the solar system, we kept in regular touch with Mrs. Khanna and she really appreciates Sunvest’s after sales service. We appreciate the fact that as one of the early adopters of solar technology, they walked the talk on green living.
Women in Technology
Many of us presume that the men folk would be more concerned about the gadgets and latest technology but in our experience that’s not so – Mrs. Khanna completely understands the workings of the solar system. It is great to see women involve themselves around the latest technology. The solar industry in India is still largely an all boys club and we need to change that – we need more women as customers and there on, in the industry and in the boardrooms.
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