This Mangaluru Woman Publicly Shamed Her Stalker on Social Media With a Powerful Message

Through a post on Facebook, she decided to take down her stalker, after being catcalled at and being followed in broad daylight.

Stalking is something probably every woman in India has unfortunately been subjected to, in varying degrees.

And the casual nature with which the issue is dealt, is probably one of the larger reasons why the perpetrators have the audacity to harass women in the first place.

Often the victims choose to remain silent, sometimes owing to toil that comes along with reporting the incident and at other times simply fear.

But one young woman from Mangaluru had had enough of it and decided to take down her stalker on social media, after being catcalled at and being followed in broad daylight.

“You thought I’d be scared, didn’t you? You thought I’d be ashamed, didn’t you?”

For representative purposes. Source: Flickr.

Rashmi Shetty, a Masters student pursuing Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions in Nalanda University, in her explosive post on Facebook, doesn’t just lash out at the audacity of the culprit but also shares his two-wheeler’s registration number.

Well, guess what? I take my side. These streets are as much mine as they are of undeserving a*#@^!*s like you. You or a hundred like you will not scare me into staying home and not being free. This is a message from all the strong girls to you and your likes: if you try curtailing our freedom, we will fight back. And we will knock you down. I was only waiting for you to make a move so I can smack your face with my heels- the same ones you were trying so hard to catch up with. And you think you can do anything under the veil of anonymity? Here, I’m not anonymous anymore. And I won’t let you be either. And let me repeat, I’M NOT SCARED OF YOU.

You can read rest of Rashmi’s post here:

You go, girl!

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