Watch: Kochi Metro’s Transgender Recruits Have an Important Message & You Can’t Miss It

A new video released by Kerala Information on Facebook, welcoming the newly recruited transgender employees tells you how one should treat them, and shouldn't.

The Kochi metro project has been showing the right way since its inception and has been taking up pioneering employment initiatives.

Starting from having staffed 80 per cent of workforce with women and being the first government in the country to employ transgenders as the ground staff, the state’s metro project is setting the benchmark on all grounds.

Coming our way is a new video released by Kerala Information on Facebook, that welcomes the newly recruited transgender employees.

Source: Kerala Information.

Engaging in one-to-one conversation with the viewers, they urge each one of us to treat them just the way we would treat anyone and not with pity or disdain.

And unlike any account of plea, they speak with much swag, incorporating pop culture nuances which the Kerala folk might be able to relate with.

Source: Kerala Information.

The video comes along with subtitles, making it easier to watch for everyone. Even though the video sheds light over the Kochi Metro employees, one should take cue from it and treat the people from the transgender community with the much deserved respect that is due to them everywhere.

You can watch the whole video here:

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