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Who Is Faye D’Souza? Meet the News Anchor Who Shut Down Sexist Comments on Live TV

A news presenter at Mirror Now, Faye, amidst a heavily animated debate, was subjected to a highly inappropriate comment by a religious head and her reply to that was everything one needs to keep such people at bay.

Women worldwide are often silenced while voicing out their opinions, with comments laced with sexist innuendos.

These are mostly put out with the intention of shaming women, who end up being too scandalised to retaliate.

But Faye D’ Douza did not let anything get to her!

A befitting reply. Source: Facebook.

Not even the lewd sexist comments aimed to silence her for what she was defending.

A news presenter at Mirror Now, Faye, amidst a heavily animated debate, was advised to go to her workplace in her underwear by a religious head and her reply to that was everything that one needs to keep such people at bay.

Faye, though taken aback for a second, did not let herself get rattled.

We are not going anywhere. Source: Facebook.

“All you men think, that if you rattle all women when they’re doing their jobs that they will run back into their kitchens, they will cover themselves up, and leave the world again for you to conquer – I have news for you, we are not going anywhere. Yes, Maulanaji, this is a channel run by a woman – and no, this is not a woman that you can easily rattle,” Faye had said during the live debate on Mirror Now.

With a background in financial journalism, Faye has been actively hosting news shows like Investor’s Guide, The Property Guide, All About Money, etc. for almost a decade now and has been primarily focusing on women investors and their progress in the Indian scene.

Believing that Indian women are often more practical and pragmatic and hence more successful investors than their male counterparts, Faye believes that a little nudging is all it takes to convince women to start investing.

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In her own words,

Will scold you if you have never invested your money.
Will frown at you if you are woman who is afraid of finances
Will fix both problems in ten minutes!

Currently, hosting the show “The Urban Debate”, Faye D’souza has proved that not only is she an able news anchor who holds the people in power accountable, for the inefficiency and apathy that affects day to day lives of citizens but also that she is a fearless woman, one who will not let anyone rattle her with their sexist insinuations.

Keep inspiring, Faye D’Souza!

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