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Flamenco Returns to India

Flamenco_001Flamenco, as Wikipedia defines it, is a Spanish musical genre. It can be both a musical form, known for its intricate rapid passages, and a dance characterized by audible footwork.

Recently, a Flamenco group from Spain performed at the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur. At this function, the Spanish ambassador Ion de la Riva announced that the origins of this art form are believed to be in India. Now, the Spanish government plans to set up a flamenco center in Jodhpur, India.

Sohini Chattopadhyay writes in this article in The Open Magazine:

Fernando Casas Granadino, artistic producer of the flamenco troupe says “We would like to eventually develop a festival of gypsy culture where flamenco would be a key element and a meeting ground for possible collaborations between Spanish and other European gypsy art expressions with Indian culture. We’d like to organise in a festival that will include dance, music, but also art exhibits, film festivals, lectures, workshops and master classes and collaborations among different cultures.”

The DNA reports in this article on the similarities between Flamenco and Rajasthani music:

Speaking through an interpretor, Antonio Rey who plays the guitar for the group says that since both the performance art forms — Flamenco and Rajasthani folk music originated from similar backgrounds, it was but natural to try and figure out a perfect co-existence.

Another interesting snippet of information shared in the above articles is the setting up of a Spanish classical music academy in Kolkata. World music coming to the shores of India should augur well for our music to get recognition as well as opening up opportunities for innovative artists.

Image courtesy: Wikipedia (shared under a GNU license)

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