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Considering Going Abroad to Study? Here Are 6 Countries Where Quality Education Is Affordable Too!

Considering Going Abroad to Study? Here Are 6 Countries Where Quality Education Is Affordable Too!

As a student, you’ll get abundant opportunities to learn and explore the place as part of your educational journey.

Have you always been fascinated by the Great Wall of China or German history, or can you imagine yourself hiking on the beautiful terrains of Austria? You can experience all your dreams and more by opting to study abroad in your desired destination. As a student, you’ll get abundant opportunities to learn and explore the place as part of your educational journey.

If you are in quest of something more, beyond your textbooks, it is studying abroad for you. You’ll step into a world of adventure, fun, and an immense amount of learning. If you are worried about the financial implications, do not worry – there are a host of affordable choices available to you. Here are the countries that offer an excellent educational ambiance and great facilities within a very decent budget.


Germany is the fourth-most popular international destination for higher education. What exactly draws students to study in Germany? You’ll be excited to know that the German educational department has a well-defined scholarship program for both local as well as international students that would allow them to stay, study and work on a huge waiver.  Thus, higher education provided by public institutions including universities are either free or there is an extremely affordable tuition fee. Furthermore, your cost of living will be around 8,700 EUROS (INR 6-7 Lakh approximately) yearly.

  • Some options include: Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich, an MBA from Berlin School of Economics & Law, or Medicine from Heidelberg University.


Sweden is emerging as a coveted study abroad destination. The 69% green cover, super clean environment, tranquil lifestyle and a reasonable living as well as educational cost are factors that make this beautiful country a lucrative study option for Indian students. You can acquire incredible knowledge about conserving the environment as Sweden tops in its effort of sustaining the natural resources and the surroundings. The cost of living comes to around INR 65,000 per month and tuition fees can be anywhere between INR 6-9 Lakh annually. Furthermore, you can apply for the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship grant.

  • The Uppsala University stands distinguished for its unique study programs and extensive research work. The Gotland Campus of Uppsala University offers 3 different undergraduate programs in Game Designing. KTH Royal Institute of Technology is also a rich ground for interdisciplinary pursuits as well as diverse technical research programs.


What would it be like to experience life on the North Pole? Studying in Finland is your chance to experience nature at her best as well as be on an enriching learning expedition in some of the world-renowned institutions. The country is home to 14 universities and 24 poly-technique schools and is a paradise for those who want to learn architecture and design, environmental sciences as well as pursue technology programs. If you are wondering about the cost of education, you may rest assured. Public institutions charge no tuition fees for doctoral/Phd programs and offer full scholarships to talented international students in undergraduate studies and Masters. The tuition fees range from 4,000-20,000 EUROS (INR 2-14 Lacs) per year. The cost of living too is quite affordable at around 700-800 EUROS (INR 55,000-60,000, approx.) per month.

  • Centria University of Applied Sciences promises a dynamic and holistic learning experience with 6 subject areas taught in English in Business Management, Industrial Management, Environmental Chemistry etc.


Beautiful landscape, cultural diversity and peaceful ambience are the quintessential aspects of any place in Austria. It is one of the safest countries in the world, yet at the same time offers a colourful and vibrant life. Austrians love to indulge in intellectual and cultural pursuits. The land of legendary composers Mozart and Beethoven will make your study abroad experience memorable and enriching. Austria is a favoured study destination not only for its cultural heritage but also for its world class educational environment. On one hand, you’ll receive an excellent and competitive academic platform, on the other you’ll enjoy the benefits of inexpensive tuition fees at around 800 EUROS/INR 57,000 per semester. Furthermore, can also apply for international students scholarships.

  • University of Vienna is one of the top-ranking universities in the world allowing a range of diverse course options across subject domains.


Deep rooted traditions blend beautifully with a technology driven lifestyle. Japan is a unique experience with its amazing hospitality, strong values resembling our ethos and magnificent scenery. Japan’s superior technological feats, its ever-rising socio-economic status are areas that you can learn about during your study abroad in Japan. Students from all over the world flock to this little yet powerful nation to gain insight about its growth, development and indefatigable spirit. Unlike popular notions, neither studying nor staying in Japan is unaffordable. Tuition fees range from INR 7-11 Lakh per year and living expenses in a high-profile city like Tokyo is around INR 9 Lakh yearly. The good news is that the Japanese Government has sanctioned new scholarships for Indian students to study in the undergraduate levels besides the existing awards for Research scholars, Young learners etc.

  • UTokyo (University of Tokyo) is one of the oldest and most esteemed institutions in Japan and a highly acclaimed centre of study in the world. However, there are around 39 top notch universities offering courses on finance, business studies, technology and a plethora of subjects.


The Great Plain of China evokes the legends of history. If you want to feel the resplendent culture that’s a legacy of an exotic past, studying in China will make it happen. However, China is now a preferred destination for students across the world not only for a taste of its rich heritage and diversity but to avail of a great academic landscape. Its emerging economy reflects in the proliferation of educational institutions beyond Beijing and Shanghai. As many as 7 popular cities are providing superlative academic ambience and educational infrastructure. The Chinese Government is offering exclusive financial support to international students in the form of awards, grants and scholarships. The expenses of study abroad in China are remarkably affordable ranging between INR 2-6 Lakh (approximately) per year and the living cost can be anywhere between INR 15,000-50,000 per month depending upon the city and location.

  • The prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing offers competitive courses on new mineral and mining engineering, computer science, law, art design etc. You can also consider pursuing medical science from Peking University, Fudan University as China promises some of the best medical schools in the world.

While you choose your study abroad destination, prioritise your choice based on your own interests, potential, and goals. All these countries offer exclusive scholarships for international students. So learn, explore and enjoy the rich educational trip in your dream locale. Best of luck!

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