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20 Smartphone Apps For Women To Make Their Lives Easier And Safer!

20 Smartphone Apps For Women To Make Their Lives Easier And Safer!

From sending emergency alerts to keeping a track on your weight to cooking and education, this list of 15 mobile apps for women covers all grounds. Make better use of your smartphone and go try some of these apps to make your life safer and easier!

Attending a boring party? Your phone comes to your rescue with lots of friends available to chat, games to play and music to listen to. Want to say something to a friend in a silent library but can’t say it out loud? Text them. Bored in a long train journey? Take your phone and play some of your favourite mobile games. Bored at home? Put on the earplugs and listen to your favourite music while you read a book. A phone is no doubt the closest gadget to our heart and mind, it has slowly become part of everyone’s life and we can’t imagine life without it.

Apparently, 97% of mobile users are never away from their device. SO why not put this device to a much greater use? Today, women are independent and they have made their presence felt in all the work sectors. Be it a call centre employee, a chartered accountant, a journalist, a conductor, an actor or a student. Women are out there. But still, somewhere deep down the family is always worried until the girl reaches home safely.

So, what do we do to make life much simpler? From safety to health and education, here are 15 simple apps you can download on your mobile –

1. Stipator: Technology To Bodyguard Women

women app_stipator

Stipator means ‘bodyguard’ in latin, the application is designed to help working women feel secure and safe while they commute. This mobile app acts as a bodyguard for women and lets them be tracked while on the road, posting their whereabouts at regular intervals on popular social networks. This app is compatible with Windows phone. You can download it for free.

2. SOS stay safe

Women app_sos

A personal safety app that allows the user to reach out for help by sending an SMS and/or an email to the emergency contacts along with a one-minute voice recording, giving exact location and battery status of the phone, with a simple phone-shake. These are sent at regular intervals to provide real time GPS tracking for your location. This app is available to download for free on Android.

3. Bachchao – advanced version

Bachao can be used to keep trusted friends informed of your location when travelling to a new city or staying out late. Bachao provides two main services in the event of a crime: 1) It sends an alarm via SMS to one or more trusted friends and 2) it records a video which can serve as a digital witness when no live witnesses are around. The message that your friends receive includes location information to help them get possible help for you. This app is compatible with Android and can be installed for free.

4. YatraMiTR

women app_Yatramitr

This apps helps to keep a track on the user’s location. The user has to first register in the app with her mobile number and desired password. Whenever she gets in to a cab/auto at late night, parents/family members can go to Yatramitr website and login using the mobile number and password. This app also features Dynamic GPS and GPRS-based auto-fare calculator, and provides information on night-time fare. The app also gives information on the nearest police station, hospitals, bus stands, restaurants, railway station, etc.

5. Mother’s World

mothers world

This app launched my Mom & Me, is a personalized pregnancy app which gives you regular updates as your pregnancy progresses. The information included has been endorsed by medical experts. This app can be downloaded for free on Android.

6. Life 360 Family locator

women app_life360

This application uses GPS tracking technology to locate your family members. Although its basic function is to send SOS messages to chosen numbers, it saves your most commonly visited locations and receives automatic alerts when family members come to or go from those areas. It keeps you updated on sex offenders and recent crimes in your neighbourhood.
This app is compatible for Android.

7. English Hindi Dictionary

women app_dictionary

This app is useful for all those women who want to learn English in their free time. Also, it can be used by foreigners and Indian’s settling in abroad without much knowledge of the language. The app is compatible with Android.

8. Nine Minutes

women app_9 minutesThis app teaches expecting mothers about pregnancy cycle and maternal health. This is a game game experience that compresses the nine months of pregnancy into nine minutes. You will be presented with a series of life choices (physical, medical, and social) and race against the clock trying to keep mother-to-be, and baby healthy and happy. It is currently available on the Nokia ovi store.

9. Worm Attack

This app is created around the issue of intestinal worms effecting school attendance. The game teaches women about de-worming and will be used in school curriculum by non-profit partner Deworm the World.

10. The Patels

This game by the bestselling “Half the sky”, created for the Indian market with non-profit Breakthrough, is a “chose your own adventure” style experience called The Patels. The game presents you with several different points of family conflict, such as education options, marriage and gender equality.

11. Nike training club

This app is helps you choose your workout from 100 options and also helps you to keep a check on your calories. It features workouts by Nike Master Trainers and world-class athletes like Maria Sharapova, with all the instruction and motivation you need to blast through your fitness goals. This app is availale on Android and iPhone.

12. Cab4me

women app_cab4me

You got late from office and can’t find any auto or bus? Cab4Me uses your current location (via GPS or cell triangulation) and retrieves relevant local cab company information from a database, so you can get the information you need while you’re on-the-go. This app is available on Android and iPhone

13 Period Tracker (Pink Pad)

Remember a time when you would mark your period dates on a calendar? Gone are the days. This app helps you keep a track of your menstrual cycle. Not only this, it helps you connect with other women, allows you to keep a health journal, keep a track of your weight and much more. This app is available on Android.

14. Sentinel

This app is helpful to improve personal security. It is different from other apps as it works even when your smartphone is not connected to the internet. Sentinel can send call, email and SMS alerts to multiple pre-configured numbers from their servers in an alert scenario. The alerts consist your last known location, time and direction of travel. This app is compatible with Android.

15. CookWizMe

women app_cookwizme

A working lady or a homemaker, one thing that haunts them everyday is the daily question of “what to cook”! CookWizMe comes in handy when you don’t have time to think about the same old question as this app gives you a fresh recipe every day. You can also browse through some of the most popular recipes. This app is compatible with iPhone.

16. NameCatcher

women app_names

Juggling work and home has never been easier. Meeting new clients every day at work, getting along with your children’s friends, remembering the grocery list or family birthdays, a woman has to remember a lot of things. We thought names should not be one of those. This app records the name and contact info of someone you’ve just met plus a hint, like the location of your meeting. This app is compatible with iphone and ipad.

17. Klok

women app_klok

Have you ever faced trouble deciding what do to do first because you are unable to prioritize the tasks? This app is for you! An appointment with dentist or a client meeting? Shopping or laundry? This app lets you prioritize your tasks through a hierarchy system.

18. Mint

women app_mint

This app helps you set your budget. It allows you to keep a track on your spendings, due dates of the bills and much more. So next time if you want to buy a new dress, you know how to manage the finances!

19. Evernote

women app_evernote

The free app allows you to take photos, store pictures, write notes, and record voice memos. Evernote helps you remember everything from your daily life to other important tasks. You can sync it with your computer and add a favourite photo or recipe in it.

20. ScanBizCards


Are you a working mom with a kid who refuses to keep his hands off of your stuff? Tired of loosing your important visiting cards and contacts because your little one misplaced it? Here is an app that could make your life much easier. This app scans business cards and adds all the info to your address book, with notes for social-media sharing and contact keeping.

So what are you waiting for? Go try some of these apps and share your feedback!

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