This father welcomed a son-in-law with two kidney transplants & even offered his own!

Aziz and Shaheen loved each other and were ready to face every challenge life would throw at them, including Aziz’s chronic illness.

A quick Google search on chronic illness brings up thousands of results of people on Quora, Yahoo and other forums, seeking reassurances from strangers for their resolve to marry a person suffering with chronic illness. Sometimes even parents pitch in, expressing disbelief in their offspring making a decision that would potentially lower their quality of life.

Shaheen and her father Firoz Vohra are cut from a different cloth. They believe in the power of true love. This might not be a Disney movie, but it’s as close as you can get to one in real life.

Aziz and Shaheen decided to marry, despite all the reasons not to. Flickr/Sheyank Gupta

Ahmedabad resident Aziz Vohra’s (35) kidney stopped functioning in 2005 when he was diagnosed with a disease called urinary reflux, reports TOI. The kidney donated by his mother resulted in complications and he had to undergo dialysis for four years. His sister offered her kidney, but it was not a perfect match either. He then received a kidney from a cadaver donor in 2009, which again was a failure. He is currently at Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center (IKDRC) recovering from his third transplant.

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People might think twice before marry a person who has undergone two failed kidney transplants. Apart from being a loving spouse, one has to also assume the role of caregiver. It can end up frustrating to many. But, Shaheen wasn’t anyone. Aziz and she loved each other and were ready to face every challenge life would throw at them, including Aziz’s chronic illness.

When Shaheen told her father Firoz Vohra about her intention to marry Aziz, he readily agreed. Firoz, who is known for his antagonist roles in Gujarati films, told them both, “True love should be solemnized”. He went even further saying that if this new transplant were also to fail, he would donate his own, stating their common blood type of O positive.

A country where there’s so much taboo surrounding organ donation that people often do not consider cadaver organ transplantations, Firoz is an exception. So, is Shaheen who married the man he loves, despite all the challenges that she must face.

Firoz. Shaheen. Aziz.

If what these three share isn’t true love, then what is?

Featured image credit: Wikimedia

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