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A Group of Punekars Is Using WhatsApp to Teach Others How to Turn Food Waste Into Compost

A group of five green enthusiasts from a residency in Pune have created groups on WhatsApp in order to teach others how to make compost from their food waste.

These days, there’s little that can’t be done via the instant messaging app, Whatsapp. Across India, the app is being utilised in countless ways and for a multitude of reasons. From curbing traffic violations in Delhi, to solving crime in Hyderabad, to cleaning up Goa’s beaches. You can now even use it to receive news updates direct to your phone, ahem.

There’s little that can’t be achieved through the ingenuity of Whatsapp.

Now, green enthusiasts from Pimple Saudagar, a suburban neighbourhood in Pune, are using the popular app to teach others how to make compost from their household waste via online community groups.

Compost made from food waste. For representational purposes only. Photo Source: Flickr

Siddharth Naik, one of the admins of the Whatsapp group told Times of India, “We are a group of enthusiasts who have been preparing compost from wet household waste in our homes for around two years. We now want to guide environment conscious citizens.”

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Siddharth and his associates have formed two WhatsApp groups and the members are determined to make their community zero-waste. They are also keen to let others know that home-made composting units are not only cheaper than readymade kits, but also simpleto make and use.

Rahul Bhagwat, another resident of Pimple Saudagar, told Times of India, “Readymade kits to make compost at home cost around ₹3,000 to ₹4,000 initially. But if you are willing to prepare the kit yourself, the cost can reduce to less than half. The recurring expenditure is around ₹100 to 150 per month. The kit needs very less space and can be kept in a corner of the flat’s balcony or terrace, and if one follows the correct procedure, no foul smell is generated.”

The instantaneous nature of the app means that members of the group can post their queries and receive answers almost immediately. The group admin also takes pains to ensure that they filter out any unwanted posts or irrelevant contributions on the spot, ensuring that members don’t have to deal with spam messages.

The initiative has been so well received that over 500 active members have joined the groups. Because of this overwhelming response and to prevent existing members being inundated with messages, a third Whatsapp group is being started to accommodate new members.

You can contact Pimple Saudagar via their Facebook page, here.

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