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How is cold pressed oil made?

Groundnuts, coconuts, sesame, mustard seeds, etc. are ground into a paste using wooden, stone or iron equipment. Then, an oil stone or other such tools are used to press oil from these seeds or nuts. This is a traditional method of extracting oil where the nutritional value is retained.

Refined oil requires heating up the seed/nut paste before extracting oil from it. This no doubt gives the manufacturer more oil extraction but it reduces the natural nutritional value.

Why should one cook with cold pressed oil?

Unrefined, cold pressed oils retain the nutritional value, aroma and flavour of the seeds or nuts they are extracted from. So your choice of cooking with coconut, mustard, groundnut or sesame seeds will contribute largely to the health factor of your meals.

On the other hand, refined oils are mass-processed using solvents and heat to extract more oil from the seeds. They contain trans fats but a reduced amount of nutrition.

Tell me more!

Oils can be healthier than you think

Traditional Method

Cold pressed oil was the traditional method of extraction which promise health and well-being. It’s time to bring it back.


This form of extraction retains the aroma and nutrition of the raw materials, making your meals healthier.


Refined oils take away the core nutrition of the oil and contain trans fats. This method of extraction makes oils unhealthy.

Rural Artisans

Cold pressed oils cannot be mass manufactured. Instead they empower small rural businesses through its process of extraction.

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