Lightweight, aesthetic and planet-friendly, bamboo is everything you want your kitchenware to be!

A widely cultivated grass, bamboo is grown specifically for commercial use. Once cut, it regrows quickly without using a lot of water, which makes it highly sustainable. It is incredibly versatile, and can be woven and shaped to form a simple tray, or even a bed. It is these very features that make the grass a highly sought-after material.

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Take this opportunity to revamp your kitchen and make it planet-friendly!


Ditch plastic trays, coasters and baskets for kitchenware that is closer to nature. Ditch them for bamboo.


Since bamboo is cultivated for commercial purposes, grows quickly and with less water, it is a very sustainable material.


From soft clothes to sturdy trays and rustic baskets, bamboo can be used to make all these, and more!


Bamboo won’t cost you a bomb. It is quite affordable.

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