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A cookware used by our ancestors, soapstone is still relevant and utilitarian today

A soft metamorphic rock, soapstone has been used for thousands of years in kitchens around the world. It is a dense material that absorbs heat slowly and retains it for a long period. This helps you cut down on cooking time and also keeps cooked food warm for longer. The deficiency of magnesium may cause cramps, fatigue and even osteoporosis and since soapstone is rich in this material, it can provide to your daily dose of it.

Although a fragile material when hot and cold temperatures mix (cold water in a hot bowl and vice versa), soapstone can be a nourishing, healthy material to use when you get familiar with it.

Tell me more about this!

Non-sticks make your kitchenware monochromatic and non-nourishing. Soapstone cookware can change that for you.


Since soapstone is naturally occurring, the cookware made from it is planet-friendly when sourced in an ethical manner.


Non-sticks can degrade the nutrition value of your food. On the other hand, soapstone can add to the health factor.


Used for thousands of years, soapstone is a traditional cookware material.

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