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Diabetes-friendly advantages of this rice:

  • BeFach has developed a hybrid variety of Sona Masuri rice grafted onto a low Glycemic Index (GI) level
  • Most varieties of white rice have an average GI value of about 70-90. An equal proportion of this diabetes-friendly white rice has a GI value of 51.5.
  • It contains 50 per cent less carbs content than ordinary white rice.
  • Since BeFach works with 20+ farmers in Telangana, your healthy rice choice also empowers rural workers!

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A healthy beginning with this white rice


A low carb and GI value makes this rice super healthy not just for diabetes patients but other health-conscious people too

Rural Empowerment

BeFach partners with rural farmers to cultivate this hybrid rice variety.


A low-carb rice is good not only for diabetes patients but also for others who are watching their health closely.

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