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Tough love of neem and basil to beat skin problems

Clear out the dirt from your pores with the strength of neem and basil. These herbs are known to heal skin issues and leave you with a soft, exfoliated face. This mild face wash also contains lavender for the gentle after-wash care of your delicate skin. Begin your mornings in a refreshing way with a face wash that is tough on acne but gentle on you.

What is special about this face wash concentrate?

  •  It is organic so no paraben, sulfate or other synthetics will intrude in your skincare regime.
  • Has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties to keep you protected from dirt and pollution
  • The concentrate uses less water. It lasts up to three times longer than a liquid face wash of the same quantity
  • Suitable for acne-prone, oily to normal skin types.

Tell me more!

Your skin is set to have a refreshing start to the day


Say goodbye to paraben, sulfate face wash liquids that exhaust essential oils and leave your skin dry.

Natural Care

Experience the efficiency of neem and basil herbs to clean your pores and give you soft, clear skin.

Battles Acne

Pimples can indicate uncleaned dirt in your pores. Try this face wash concentrate to make your skin clear.

Saves Water

This gel requires less water than an ordinary face wash. It lasts up to three times longer than a liquid face wash.

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