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A pleasant transition to a vegan diet

Kirti, who always averaged at 60 kg, gained nearly 15 kg during her pregnancy. After the delivery of her daughter in 2015, she experienced the normal postnatal health issues of constant constipation, mood swings and weakness. “My diet was exaggerating these health problems and I decided to take action. I came across many people who switched to a plant-based diet and saw positive results. I decided to take that route too,” Kirti says.

Although it took her another two years to make the shift to a nutrient-rich vegan diet, Kirti immediately got visible results. She not only lost 7 kg in the first two months but also became more active and saw her energy levels peaking.

What to expect in the Bengaluru workshop:

  • Kirti will teach you five delicious yet simple vegan recipes. These dishes are perfect for busy professionals who don’t find time to make elaborate meals.
  • “The idea is you will want to make and eat these dishes repeatedly. That’s what will sustain your healthy diet,” says Kirti.
  • Learn to make millet khichdi, coconut milk raita, one salad (which can be a whole meal in itself), vegan ice-cream and almond bites as a snack.
  • The vegan ice-cream will be made using only 3 ingredients all of which are easily available.

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Bengaluru, your diet is set to get healthier


For those who want to give up dairy and for the lactose intolerant, this workshop is a perfect start to a healthy diet.

Expert Guidance

Kirti has been following a vegan diet since 2017 and she will share her experience and best recipes with you.

Easy to Follow

The recipes are selected specifically so they are easy to make and can be your regular office lunch.


Plant-based diets are known to increase your energy levels. Include these nutrient-rich, sustainable recipes for healthy meals.

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