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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a method of organic farming that goes beyond monocropping culture. You nurture a self-sufficient ecosystem- including a water harvesting system and waste disposal - along with your farm.

Begin with understanding the design of permaculture, how various cogs - like soil health, geography, climate as well as artificially installed elements like water recycling systems, etc. come together to nurture a garden or a farm. The next step is to grow a permaculture farm small enough to feed a family or scale it to a commercial model. Get practical experience at Auroville with this 3-day workshop. Click on the link to book your place. 

What to expect in the Auroville workshop?

This 3-day workshop is facilitated by Krishna Mckenzie, a farmer from England who has spent 26 years in Auroville, undertaking natural farming and permaculture. Over the weekend, he will guide you with everything from mulching to organising different plant species for their optimum growth. Here’s what you can expect from the workshop:

  • Circle garden: An easy and effective way of starting permaculture, the circle garden will be your introduction to permaculture.
  • Revive Soil: Insect activity, fungus growth and mild petrichor are basic signs of healthy soil. If your soil isn’t showing any of this, the Auroville workshop will train you in how to revive it.
  • Careful planning: Once the soil is set, Krishna will teach you how to propagate seeds correctly, how to implement permaculture design and how to observe the time duration between the plants- understanding rotations, intercropping, intense mulching.
  • Other aspects of permaculture: You get to learn about water recycling, waste management and optimum utilisation of the produce to make food, personal care and hygiene products.

All of this and more packed in a compact 3-day workshop!

Tell me more about this!.

The perfect weekend for you and for the planet, this Auroville workshop is a must for permaculture enthusiasts!

Circular Agriculture

Not only are you growing a crop for your consumption but also nurturing an ecosystem that will evolve to be self-sufficient.

Good for the Planet

Permaculture is a natural farming method that does not demand chemicals or excessive resources for growth.


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