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Cinnamon sticks that care for your health:

Ceylon cinnamon sticks contain only trace amounts of the Coumarin compound, commong to more usual cinnamons like Cassia/ China cinnamon. Too much coumarin can damage the liver. This healthier stick is less common in the market and an aid for those watching their weight. The Ceylon cinnamon sticks are mild in taste and have a tinge of sweetness.

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Your spice cabinet is incomplete without these cinnamon sticks


Bring alive your coffee, chai and desserts with a perfect dose of the Ceylon cinnamon sticks.


Known to manage blood pressure and aid weight loss, these sticks are a favourite of the health-conscious.

Generates Livelihood

Every purchase helps tribal populations earn a good livelihood - while also making your dish tastier!

Sourced Ethically

The Ceylon cinnamon sticks are cultivated ethically and do not follow invasive or monoculture agriculture practices.

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