The bio sand filter is being effectively used in various tribal areas.

A Simple Technology That Can Solve India’s Clean #Water Problem In Just Rs.3,000

Worldwide, around 10,000 people die every day due to lack of clean drinking water. The situation is alarming, but bio-sand filters offer a simple and affordable solution. This low cost model purifies water, is locally manufactured and can also help the local community with various livelihood options. And, all of that in just Rs.3,000! Read along to know how it is done.

The Man Who Is Solving Some Of India’s Biggest Agriculture Problems With His Simple Inventions

Girish Badragond, a 28 year old from Bijapur District in Karnataka, came to Bangalore in 2006 with a laptop, a wireless router and a 1-way bus fare. Read the story of how this same man is solving Indian farmers' irrigation problems through his interesting innovations. All that without even having a degree!