Equal Community Foundation

This Team Is Eradicating Gender Based Violence & Inequality By Doing Something Very Different

Even as the media report about violence against women and the country debates how to fight gender discrimination, there is one organization that is quietly working on the root cause of these problems – the attitude of young men and boys towards women. The Equal Community Foundation (ECF) has already worked with more than 3,000 boys and its impact on their lives is visible.
Udaybhai, ahmedabad, richshaw driver

The Kindness Of Strangers Can Get You Free Food, Rides, Artefacts In India!

Imagine getting into an autorickshaw and at the end of the ride being told that someone has already paid for it. Or after a fabulous meal at a restaurant, instead of being presented with a bill you get a handwritten note that says it was a gift from a guest! Sounds implausible, doesn't it? Well, you might find yourself more at the receiving end of such "random acts of kindness" as the concept of gift economy takes shape in India.
“We've learnt to smile during adversities. We'll now learn to fight them!”

These Engineering Students At Vellore Are Showing Us What It Really Means to Be ‘Working For Others’

How a group of Engineering students from Vellore Institute of Technology have come together (despite their hectic academic schedules) to start helping the communities around them in small baby steps - conducting medical camps in schools, teaching children about dental health, teaching parents about sanitation, etc.
The Chennai Doctors Team and their friends managed to procure a heavy duty washing machine to ease the lives of these children

From Easing Laundry Duties To Treating A 3-Year Old Burn Victim – The Incredible Work of This Committed Team of Doctors Continues!

Soon after the massive 2013 Disaster in Uttarakhand, a group of volunteer doctors from Chennai came together, planned, and successfully conducted a week long Medical Camp for the disaster affected people at a remote Bhatwari village in Uttarkashi Distt. The incredible story of relief work and cooperation by the Good Samaritans as narrated in TBI Uttarakhand Diaries won over many hearts from across the world. Buoyed by the encouragements, they went on to perform few commendable follow up actions too. We revisit them almost six months later to catch a glimpse of what they have been up to.
Code4Cause believes in providing IT solutions to help NGOs grow

Now Code For Humanity With Code4Cause

If you have any working knowledge of building software, applications, digital marketing, website development, and other aspects of IT, Code4Cause makes it easy for you to contribute your knowledge and skills to help NGOs build capacity. Read about their simple and effective model, which has enabled them to enrol thousands of volunteers and help scores of NGOs across teh globe in just two years!

Educate Girls – Enabling Communities In Rural Rajasthan To Send Their Daughters To School

Started five years back, Educate Girls aims to get as many girls as possible into school so they can benefit from a good education, improve their lives and become an asset to their communities. And what started with just 500 schools has now spread to 4425 schools! Safeena Husain, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, tells us about it.
Home Care Facility given by CanSupport

CanSupport: Care And Support For Cancer Patients

CanSupport, a wonderful initiative aiming to enable people with advanced cancer and their families in making informed choices and decisions, has received an overwhelming response for providing appropriate physical, emotional, social and spiritual support to cancer patients and their families. Harmala Gupta, the lady behind the mission, joins us to talk about this dedicated NGO.
Dedicated and strong team of porters carrying supplies to Bhatwari. the mission would be impossible without them

TBI Uttarakhand Diaries: Mountaineers Are Coming Together To Rebuild The Local Community

It has been three months since disaster struck Uttarakhand in June 2013, and the situation is still alarming. However, in Uttarakashi district where there has been widespread property destruction and loss of livelihood, the situation is worse, with not enough food supplies and no doctors to examine the sick. For a population of almost 3.5 lakh people in Uttarkashi, there is not one single woman doctor. The Mountaineering community is still reaching relief supplies such as medicines and food to the far-flung villages on foot as road connectivity is lost. Given this scenario, we here present two initiatives working towards rebuilding the lives of the locals.