Allahabad Court to UP Politicians & Babus – Your Kids Will Only Go to Government Schools

It is a well known fact that government schools in UP are falling apart. The lack of basic facilities in many such schools is forcing parents from financially weaker backgrounds to seek private education for their kids. But an order by the Allahabad High Court might turn into a game changer. The order compels bureaucrats and politicians in the state to send their kids to government schools only, so they have a better understanding of those schools.
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Dr Jayakumar Reddy treating a newborn child

TBI Uttarakhand Diaries : An Incredible Story Of Relief Work And Co-operation By Good Samaritans

The flash flood disaster that struck Uttarakhand on 16 Jun 2013 had jolted the entire nation. It had emotionally touched many a heart at far off places across the country, and motivated many people to come up with help and positive actions, as we have shared before on our Uttarakhand Diaries series. This is the story of a group of doctors and volunteers from different parts of the country who came together for a noble cause of helping the disaster affected in the Himalayan State of Uttarakhand.