How The Bhil Tribe Is Moving From Starvation To Progress Through Entrepreneurship

One of the most ignored communities in the country, here's how the Bhils of Madhya Pradesh are gradually moving towards a better life with a little help from NGOs and micro loans. From growing vegetables and earning higher incomes to sending their kids to school and becoming micro entrepreneurs, these traditional warrior tribes are changing their way of life to be able to survive in the competitive world.
The unique nose plugs of the Apatani women

A Small Tribe In Arunachal Pradesh Is Showing How Man And Nature Can Co-exist In Perfect Harmony

A small tribe in Arunachal Pradesh located in a small valley has been able to defeat modern technological advancements in terms of environment conservation. The Apatanis from Ziro have a unique lifestyle that focuses on living in harmony with nature. This post will take you to their homes and give you a glimpse into their lives that are simple, peaceful and rare to find in the present era.
Children at the Tamarind School can speak fluent English and are learning technology too!

TBI Changemakers: Tamarind Tree – How One Couple Is Changing A Village, A Community And A Tribe

The very next day after their wedding, Hemant Babu and Michelle Chawla packed their bags and set off, not for their honeymoon, but to live in an unglamorous tribal village, Dahanu. Their parents thought the newly married will be back in Mumbai in a few days’ time. But it’s been eleven long years now - the couple have made Dahanu their home, contributing to the lives of the Warli tribes and to the ecology of this once barren land.
Nagaland on the road

TBI Social Enterprise: Kipepeo – Promoting Responsible Tourism In The North East

'Responsible tourism' is a lot more than just "not littering" It is about connecting with the local people and their culture, about leaving the environment in a better state than before, about improving lives of the locals, about giving more than taking, and much more. A travel company in North East India is trying to be 'responsible'. Let's find out how.
A Bagariya family in the outskirts of Ajmer

TBI Special Report: The Bagariyas of Ajmer – A Little Bit Can Go A Long Way

The Bagariyas of Rajasthan are one of the poorest and least literate tribes in India. While they are barely eking out an existence, their children don't go to school, they have no electricity, or in fact, any facilities that make life easier. Most developmental schemes seem to have bypassed them. But we see here, how a little money and a lot of initiative, can have a large impact on people's lives.
Gyarsi Bai Sahariya who has led the Sahariyas struggle in Baran

Baran’s Sahariya Adivasis Reap the Harvest of their Struggle Against Slavery

The Sahariya tribe of Baran district in Rajasthan is classified as a Particularly Vulnerable Tribe. For years, they were forced to work as bonded agricultural labourers by the landed gentry of the region. The past decade has seen them fighting for their rights, and now with the help of some local NGOs, governmental support and their own unified efforts, they are slowly reaping the benefits of their struggle to be treated as free and equal citizens of this nation.
A domestic elephant outside a Singpho tribe house.

TBI Offbeat Travel: Living in a Small Hamlet in Remote Arunachal Pradesh

Yoginder Sikand takes you on a daring trip to a remote part of the remote state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is not for the faint-hearted or the luxury-seeker. You will not be observing exotic wildlife or grandiose architecture. But if you are a daring adventurer who can rough it, want to experience a unique sense of oneness with nature and have a deep love for primitive cultures and tribal traditions, you will not find a more perfect place than this!

Sadguru Foundation: Providing Economic Freedom to Tribals

India’s Census 2001 classified 84.33 million persons as members of Scheduled Tribes. With almost 10% of our population as belonging to tribal groups, their interests must be matched with national and...