Two Beautiful Bird Sanctuaries In India That Pay Tribute To The Undying Love Of Dr. Salim Ali

Dr. Salim Ali's love for birds was so well known that once a cartoon strip mentioned him by saying, ‘Come, let’s fly a little low; if we are lucky we may be able to spot Salim Ali!’ His poetic descriptions of birds and love for them was unmatched. He would go to deserted islands just to listen to their songs. Take a tour of two beautiful bird sanctuaries named after him with Gangadharan Menon as he remembers the legend.
Nagaland on the road

TBI Social Enterprise: Kipepeo – Promoting Responsible Tourism In The North East

'Responsible tourism' is a lot more than just "not littering" It is about connecting with the local people and their culture, about leaving the environment in a better state than before, about improving lives of the locals, about giving more than taking, and much more. A travel company in North East India is trying to be 'responsible'. Let's find out how.
Kitchen staff Lakhpat rests after trekkers have had their morning breakfast

Mountain Shepherds – Leading Community-Backed Tourism In The Garhwal Himalayas

Ecologically sustainable wildlife tourism is best handled by local communities and the homestays run by Mountain Shepherds in the villages of Lata and Tolma in the Dhauli Ganga valley in Garhwal illustrate just that. Abutting the wild and pristine Nanda Devi National Park, Mountain Shepherds is an offshoot of the Nanda Devi Campaign for cultural survival and livelihoods spearheaded by the Marcha Bhotia community of this valley. You stay in small but comfortable traditional village homes, and enjoy some delicious local cuisine prepared by your hosts. The organisation even arranges for treks in the deodar and birch forests of the national park with local guides who know the local flora and fauna like the back of their hands. Learn more about this interesting model of community-backed tourism.