How A 3-Year-Old Rape Victim Was Finally Given Justice

Delhi High Court gave a landmark judgement in a 3-year-old minor girl's rape case by overruling the judgement of Dwarka District Court to acquit the accused. Not only this, Delhi HC also asked the state government to bear all medical expenses of the child's treatment and consider the trial of minor victims in a more considerate way in the future. Here is all you need to know about the case.

Parivartan: Take A Stand

Triveni is a resident of a settlement in east-Delhi and is classified by the government as a “low-income” person. She relies on the Public Distribution System (PDS) for her quota of essential food grains. However, Triveni had been unable to obtain her entitled food grains from the PDS shop for the last 3 months and wanted to know what she could do.