TBI Blogs: Using Technology to Make Mental Healthcare Accessible to All – the Mind Piper Story

Mental illness is still considered a taboo subject in many parts of Indian society. This regressive attitude can make things worse for the patients, who often don’t get access to the treatment they need because of societal pressures and judgements. A Noida-based data-driven healthcare service is attempting to change this scenario, one patient at a time.

Once Discriminated Against and Unemployed, These Visually Impaired Masseurs are the Talk of Mumbai Now

From the outside it may look like a regular spa, but step in and you will realize why it is special. The Metta spa, which gets its name from a Pali word translated as ‘loving kindness,’ only hires visually impaired masseurs. And for its kind and special owner, Joanita Figueredo, there is no greater joy than seeing her employees fulfil their ambitions in Mumbai, the city of dreams.