The Metta Reflexology Spa team with Joanita (middle)

Once Discriminated Against and Unemployed, These Visually Impaired Masseurs are the Talk of Mumbai Now

From the outside it may look like a regular spa, but step in and you will realize why it is special. The Metta spa, which gets its name from a Pali word translated as ‘loving kindness,’ only hires visually impaired masseurs. And for its kind and special owner, Joanita Figueredo, there is no greater joy than seeing her employees fulfil their ambitions in Mumbai, the city of dreams.
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This Young Guy Is Breaking The Taboo Of Menstrual Hygiene Among Urban Poor

Dilip Kumar, a 24 year old man, was shocked to know that only 12 percent of women in India use sanitary napkins. He did his research and started Sukhibhava, a non-profit social enterprise that caters to the menstrual needs of urban poor women. From distributing low cost napkins to organizing information sessions, here's how Sukhibhava is leading this ignored section of the community to a healthier future.
Jamna Bai (left) and Sukma Bai from Postipura Madhya Pradesh, hand over samples of their wheat harvest for #NPMi compliance. NPMi (Non Pesticide Management initiative) tests for traces of 98 pesticides.

Now Get Safer, Healthier, Pesticide-Free Food On Your Plate Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Most of us hesitate in switching to organic food products mostly because they are not easily available and are costlier than their conventional counterparts. On the other hand, even farmers wish to avoid the hassle of getting organic certification due to its complexity and high cost. Safe Harvest has found a way to solve this dual issue by encouraging the use of pesticide-free food products that offer you a healthier and safer option at affordable prices. Find out more about their amazing work!
The bio sand filter is being effectively used in various tribal areas.

A Simple Technology That Can Solve India’s Clean #Water Problem In Just Rs.3,000

Worldwide, around 10,000 people die every day due to lack of clean drinking water. The situation is alarming, but bio-sand filters offer a simple and affordable solution. This low cost model purifies water, is locally manufactured and can also help the local community with various livelihood options. And, all of that in just Rs.3,000! Read along to know how it is done.
You can be part of their wonderful initiative by going on a trip with them.

This Young Team Is Enabling Tourists To Turn Into Change Makers In The Himalayas

They pick up their bikes and go to some of the remotest villages in the extreme Himalayas. There they help the kids with education, the locals with livelihood, the community with healthcare and undertake various initiatives to make the region a cleaner and a better place. Started by Dheeraj Sharma, Devil On Wheels is all about responsible travel. Read along to know how.