Meet Sikkim’s First Female IPS Officer

When Aparajita Rai faced troubles after her father's death, she decided to become a public servant and make sure that people's problems are heard and responded to. After many years of hard work and dedication, she created history by becoming Sikkim's first female IPS officer. Read about her difficult journey to success.
Small Cabins at Yumthang

TBI Travel: Six Days In Spectacular Sikkim

Seema Somshekar recently traveled to Sikkim on a holiday and couldn't help but pen down her experiences and share with all! The place exceeded her expectations and left her in awe of its natural beauty. All that she saw and felt there affirmed that Lonely Planet was spot on when it picked Sikkim as The Best Travel Destination of 2014!
A snapshot of the Festival of Indigenous Storytellers 2011

TBI Heritage: Acoustic Traditional – Preserving Indigenous Tales, Myths and Legends

India is estimated to have about 635 indigenous communities. Each of these groups of people have a unique identity, with their very own brand of culture, traditions and folklore. Unfortunately, most of this knowledge is passed on from generation to generation in the oral form, and in the face of dwindling tribal population, advent of modern education and widespread displacement in the name of development, most of this ancient wisdom is getting eroded. This is where a group of individuals calling themselves Acoustics Traditional are making an effort to preserve the precious heritage.