Tired of Just Complaining, This Retired RBI Employee Now Decongests Traffic Junctions in Bangalore

Everyone, but everyone, has heard about Bangalore traffic. People complain about it in drawing rooms, write about it on Facebook and joke about it on WhatsApp. There are very few though who will step out to get down and dirty and do something about it. Ajit Lakshmirathan, 65 years old and retired from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), is one such man.

Why Salman Khan would be scared, very scared, to drive in Chandigarh

The Salman Khan case has brought into limelight all that is wrong with the traffic laws and enforcement of the country. Just when it seemed as though the traffic status of the country shall forevermore be in a state of disarray and doom, the untold example of Chandigarh shone in our faces. The model that they run by must be upheld by the entire country, if the citizens wish to see formidable change.