First experimental lawn successfully developed, flanked by trees that were planted and nicely grown on the wasteland.

Aravali Institute of Management: The Story Of Breathing Life Into A Barren Land

This is a story of fighting huge odds stacked against you. This is a story of sheer grit and perseverance. This is a story of putting Science and Technology to good use. This is a story of overcoming obstacles like corruption and red tape without compromising on your ethics. This is a story of transforming 95 acres of the 'worst land in Rajasthan' into a green campus of an educational institute. Read on.
Richard Rebello, owner of AR farms, Heroor village, Kundapur, Udupi district

How Did A Commerce Ex-lecturer Convert 25 Acres of Barren Land Into A Lush Green Farm?

This story of the untiring efforts of a commerce ex-lecturer to convert twenty five acres of a barren piece of land into a self sustainable green farm, provides an ideal example of a model for rainwater harvesting and demonstrates how persistence and the sheer determination to go on till the end, can yield miraculous results.
The restoration work begins. The parched and cracking lake bed is plain to see.

TBI Water Week: Back To Life – The Story Of A Lake

In concluding our Water Week, we couldn't think of a more apt story than one that fills our hearts with gladness, and an old, defunct lake with water! Read how the efforts of an Environmental outfit, together with the co-operation and willingness of the villagers, revived a lake thought to be dead, and turned around the fortunes of a small region.
Ahar Pyne system in Gaya, South Bihar; Image courtesy: Hindi Water Portal

TBI Videos: Magadh Jal Jamaat Helps Revive 2000-year old Flood Water Harvesting Systems in Gaya, Bihar

Magadh Jal Jamaat, a loose network of progressive individuals in Gaya has been successfully able to revive over a dozen abandoned water sources and have instilled in people the need to create, clean up and conserve several lakes and ponds in the region. The problem of water scarcity had been of late afflicting the region, which once had a good system of ponds. But through their efforts, the group has managed to revive the traditional methods of irrigation, which are now more effective than the largest irrigation system in the area.
Mr Sharma with an elder in Old Age Home

TBI Heroes: Vidya Rattan Sharma – Incorporating Modern Ways To Solve Age-Old Problems

This is the story of a remarkable man, Mr. Vidya Rattan Sharma, who started as a cook in a local NGO, and went on to create several innovative products in the area of cooking stoves, traditional medicine, organic farming and animal husbandry. His passion for finding solutions to centuries-old problems and determination to carry on his work even in the face of resistance or lack of resources is an inspiration to all.
Sarpanch Sudha Gurwant feels that "when our van panchayats work well, our forests are healthy and our people are happy." (Credit: Prem Chadha\WFS)

Van Panchayats – Keeping Forests Healthy And People Happy!

Collecting fodder and firewood to keep the household running would once take four hours of Sunita Arya’s time in Almora district of Uttarakhand every day. Today, she spend just half-an-hour on the same chores. What brought about this almost magical turnaround? The systematic protection of the village forest, thanks to an effective 'van panchayat' (forest governance unit).