This Team Is Eradicating Gender Based Violence & Inequality By Doing Something Very Different

Even as the media report about violence against women and the country debates how to fight gender discrimination, there is one organization that is quietly working on the root cause of these problems – the attitude of young men and boys towards women. The Equal Community Foundation (ECF) has already worked with more than 3,000 boys and its impact on their lives is visible.
As they sift through garbage, waste pickers, who are mostly women, have to fend off stray animals, their hands get wounded by shards of broken glass thrown carelessly in the rubbish, and harassment by the police is part of their daily routine. (Credit: Amit Thavaraj)

A Union That Accords Dignity And Safety In Numbers To Women Waste Pickers

Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP), a union of scrap collectors started by Dr Baba Adhav in 1993, has now become a force much larger than just a collection of waste pickers, mostly women. It serves as a platform for voicing grievances and as a medium for pushing developmental programmes to this highly marginalised segment of the society. From financial support, education and insurance facilities to intangibles like dignity of labour and quality of life, read how a collective can change lives.
Savitribai Phule placed "universal, child sensitive, intellectually critical, and socially reforming education at the very core of the agenda for all children in India" by setting up the first school for girls in 1848 with eight students.

TBI Heroes: Savitribai, The Mother Of Modern Girls’ Education In India

Savitribai Phule may not be as famous as Mahatma Gandhi or Swami Vivekananda. But her impact on the liberation of the Indian woman has been no less spectacular or significant. One of the earliest crusaders of education for girls, and dignity for the most vulnerable sections of society - dalits, women and widows, Savitribai broke all the traditional shackles of 19th century India to herald a new age of thinking. She can be legitimately hailed as the mother of Indian Feminism. Read about her remarkable life of courage and initiative.
A moment of rest before the arduous climb.

TBI Photo Journeys: The Golden Temple of Jejuri

Listen to the many folk tales, and see for yourself the myriad hues, besides the mounds of golden yellow turmeric, that mark the tribal town of Jejuri. Famed for its temple that promises marital bliss to the newly-wedded, and a fort that has played host to Shivaji, Jejuri is an enchanting place - full of myths, paradoxes and spell-binding tribal traditions. Take a tour with us.