From India’s Top Cop to Puducherry’s Good Guv: Kiran Bedi Reveals What Keeps Her Going

As the first and highest-ranking female officer in the national police force, Kiran Bedi earned a reputation for being tough yet innovative during her 35 years on the job. Currently using her administrative experience to transform Puducherry for the better, the fiery lady talked to TBI about her journey, her struggles, her views, and a lot more.

How Volunteers from 50 Countries Transformed 70 Acres of Arid Land into a Lush Forest in Puducherry

We have seen signs of it everywhere. Our ponds have dried up, native birds and insects have become extinct, parks have made way for IT Parks. Yet we live like there’s no tomorrow. Well, this group of nameless volunteers has taken it upon themselves to script a different future for our children. Their amazing tale will show you how nature can work wonders when you choose to work with her.
Women stitching the cloth napkins at the facility in Auroville, Pondicherry

The Honeycomb Effect: Small Causes, Small Changes – Big Impact [Part 2]

Continuing our changemakers series, here we present to you a very diverse bunch of people - an apartment owner who composts her kitchen waste, village women who stitch washable sanitary napkins and a traditional honey hunter in the Nilgiris. What can they have in common? They are all social and ecological entrepreneurs, and this is how they are making a difference.