6 Inspiring Teachers in Hindi Cinema

Cinema and its larger than life presence affects each one of us, directly or indirectly. We look up to some characters, act like them and even aspire to be like them. Indian movies have given us some amazing characters in teacher's role. Here is a list of some of the most memorable teachers in Indian movies.

Our Favourite Shows Of Doordarshan That We Loved Watching During Our Childhood

With hundreds of channel to browse from, we may have forgotten our very own Doordarshan. But, as the channel goes global, we reminisce about our favourite shows from the old times. When we had just one channel to watch and the whole family would sit together on a Sunday morning to watch "Rangoli". When the TV characters looked like our own family members and we had to send post cards to respond to a quiz on TV. Here is a list of our favourite shows of Doordarshan.
Home Care Facility given by CanSupport

CanSupport: Care And Support For Cancer Patients

CanSupport, a wonderful initiative aiming to enable people with advanced cancer and their families in making informed choices and decisions, has received an overwhelming response for providing appropriate physical, emotional, social and spiritual support to cancer patients and their families. Harmala Gupta, the lady behind the mission, joins us to talk about this dedicated NGO.
Dimagi has been applying innovative, scalable, open-source technology solutions to improve community health programs around the world.

TBI Social Enterprises: Dimagi – Applying Intelligence And Innovation To Health Care Solutions

>Dimagi, which means 'of the mind', is a team of intellectually committed professionals who envision applying innovative, scalable, open-source technology solutions to improve community health programs around the world. Here we present the Dimagi founders, Jonathan Jackson and Dr Vikram Sheel Kumar, two enthusiastic young men with Harvard and MIT background.
A File Photo of Nawab Rajendran

TBI Tribute: Here Lived A Real Activist – Nawab Rajendran

At a time when there was little if any information interchange, one man worked hard to obtain it and take errant politicians to task. He paid for his doggedness in many ways, but that did not weaken his spirit or resolve. With no personal wealth or aspirations, he died in penury. But Nawab Rajendran's legacy remains for all to admire and emulate! Read about the life of a great man.
Netapedia is effective and different from mainstream media because there is no focus on the dirt to provide the audience with 'masala' and no focus on the good side as a result of corruption.

Netapedia – Know Your Politicians!

How often have we lamented the lack of transparency in the electoral process? Or the dearth of genuine information, free from media biases, available to the general public about the politicians serving our nation or asking for our votes? Well, here is a website that attempts to solve these problems, and empower the voters in the country to be better informed about the choices they are faced with.