Here Are 10 Facts You MUST Know about Surviving Siachen. And Then Meet the Men Who Have Done It!

It is impossible for regular people to fathom the kind of life an Indian soldier leads on Siachen, the highest battlefield on earth. So, when many of these retired soldiers come back to civilian life, and work as security guards and owners of neighbourhood Mother Dairy booths, it falls on every citizen of this country to give them the utmost respect and dignity.

These Mothers From Mizoram Are Weaving A Strong Future

They toil day and night for a meager income. They struggle every day to bring to us an ancient tradition in the best of its form. They work with utter brilliance; their skills have been passed on for generations. However, the bearers of this tradition are among the least rewarded craftsmen (or rather, craftswomen) in the country. Meet the weavers of Mizoram - and lend them a helping hand!

They Are Converting Rural India Into Entrepreneurs And Skilled Employees

From providing various skills and training to connecting the students with potential employers, TARA livelihood Academy is bridging the gap between the rural community and employment. From offering on-ground work experience to building capabilities and linkages for starting one's own enterprise, TLA is covering all grounds. Read more about their work.

This IIT-ian’s Innovation Is Helping Cotton Farmers In Vidarbha Double Their Income!

When Kannan Lakshminarayan completed his engineering from IIT, he wanted to do something that could leave a positive impact in the rural sector. On seeing the plight of the small cotton farmers in Vidarbha, he came up with an idea to help them get an alternative source of income and increase their value proposition. He started Microspin Machine Works that in 3 years has doubled the revenue of many farmers by allowing them to also become producers of yarn! Read more to know about his brilliant idea and how he executed it with a little professional help.
recycling in mumbai slums

That Water Bottle You Discarded Is Being Recycled By Lakshmi In A Mumbai Slum Right Now. See How.

You will truly see how one man's trash is another man's (or woman's) meal in this essay which ventures into the Mumbai slums and takes a look into the lives of the "entrepreneurs" who are trying to eke out a living from plastic discards. Meet the fiesty Lakshmi and learn how she responds when her daughter is teased with "Teri maa kachre wali hai"!

The Engineer From Bangalore Who Created Alternative Livelihood Options For Villagers In Odisha

Villagers are mostly dependent on farming for their livelihood. What happens when that doesn’t yield the desired result? Should they starve in poverty? Bharath Vineeth didn’t think so! Read how he went about creating alternative income opportunities for villagers by converting available resources into successful businesses.
Computer classes run by Sambhali Trust

Sambhali – Empowering Women To Rise And Take Charge

Govind Singh Rathore was 14 years old when he realised that in his patriarchal society widows have no status, respect or any rights! Together with his family and friends, he took steps to raise the status of Dalit women in the caste-prejudiced state of Rajasthan, and so Sambhali Trust was born in 2007. This is what they do.
Several programmes have been undertaken by Swades Foundation to make education more effective and comprehensive in villages where they operate

Swades Foundation – Building Capacity In Rural India

Remember the 2004 Bollywood film in which an NRI Mohan Bhargava (played by Shah Rukh Khan) returns to India and is moved by the harsh realities faced by the people in his village to become an agent of change? The name of that film was Swades, and here is an organization called Swades Foundation that shares a similar mission - to bring about change in rural India. To know how they are doing this, read more.
Visit Dilwara around mid-day and chances are that you will find many women sitting in the courtyards of their homes, plying their needle. (Credit: WFS)

TBI Women: A Stitch In Time Saves Lives

Women in rural as well as many urban parts of Rajasthan may not have much formal education, but the one skill they possess is sewing. With the help of an organization, many of these women now have the opportunity to put this skill to good use and generate additional household income. This is empowering them in ways unthinkable a few years ago, and changing the very fabric of their lives.
Santara Devi and members of the Sanjha Gas group of Jogia ka Bas village. Getting a gas connection was a luxury Santara could not afford. Now she gets a monthly income too from the community kitchen as the other women pay her a fixed amount for using the gas connection. (Credit: Abha Sharma\WFS)

Kitchen Kinetics: Cooking Together In Shekhawati

The wonderful tradition of village women gathering around a common oven to make rotis may have become a thing of the past in that state. But the 'sanjha chulha' (community kitchen) has been rekindled in the villages of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, albeit with a small modification. Keeping up with the changing times, instead of the earthen oven, it is the sanjha gas that the Shekhawati women are sharing today. There are many advantages of a sanjha gas facility.
Recycle Design Workshop – Fatima learning how to make bags from recycle material

Dharavi Diary – From Story Telling To Slum Innovation

Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world, has managed to carve out a unique identity for itself. The industrious residents of the slum have taken to recycling waste from across the country in order to eke out a living. Now, a unique initiative is helping them capitalize on their expertise and move up the value chain. Let's take a look at what Dharavi Diary is doing.