Computer classes run by Sambhali Trust

Sambhali – Empowering Women To Rise And Take Charge

Govind Singh Rathore was 14 years old when he realised that in his patriarchal society widows have no status, respect or any rights! Together with his family and friends, he took steps to raise the status of Dalit women in the caste-prejudiced state of Rajasthan, and so Sambhali Trust was born in 2007. This is what they do.
Unnati believes that one of the main reasons the youth are unable to get employment is due to lack of basic computer skills. This training in provided to the selected candidates along with other skills training.

TBI Inclusivity: Unnati – Bridging The Gap Between Education And Employability

Literacy rate in India might be cited at around 74% (in 2011), but the ground reality is that even among the so-called educated youth, 'employability' remains a key challenge. The main reasons behind this are a lack of communications and other finer skills. This is an important gap that needs to be bridged, and we bring to you an organization in Bangalore committed to doing this from the past several years, with great success.

Jewels of Wisdom: See how Sanchali is blending Education and Jewellery

Sanchali, a social project, provides free alternate education to children & employment to the women in rural areas. We chat up with Dakshayini Gowda to learn how beautifully she blends education with jewellery to make this happen. “We have created look-alikes of pottery, textile, beads, etc. of that period to give them a chance to learn history in a fun, interactive, lively and more effective manner,” Dakshayini says. And since she wanted to ensure that the workshops were free for all, she decided to fund them by starting an eco-friendly jewellery project with the women in the villages in Karnataka.

On World Literacy Day, Susheela’s Kolams Traveled Across The Nation

Pratham Books celebrated International Literacy Day in a unique way - by holding storytelling sessions for thousands of children across India. Read an account of one such session held by our friend and writer in Assam, and learn about the beautiful experience storytelling can be - both for the listener and the teller, while serving as an important educational aid.

Hole in the Wall (HiWEL) – Spreading Computer Literacy

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come" - This is precisely the thought which has taken shape in the form of HiWEL. 'Hole in the Wall' offers a refreshingly fresh perspective on the...

Éclair: A School That Inspires and Enlightens (and has no classrooms or exams)

It was on a hot summer morning in Ludhiana when a high school graduate then, Jalnidh spotted kids form a nearby slum in a park near her home. She asked them, “Padhoge Kya?” (Would you like to study? ) The...
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Punya: Universal education for every individual and more

In Sanskrit, Punya means merit earned through right thought, word and action. True to the spirit of this word, the team of youngsters behind NGO Punya is involved in doing their bit to bring in a perceptible...

PYDS: A Social Revolution in the Himalayan Foothills

Purkal is a small village in the foothills of the gigantic Himalayas, on the outskirts of Dehradun. Even as the surrounding regions develop, Purkal’s inhabitants, a mere 5000, largely remain dependent on...