TBI Blogs: Finally, Indian Law Is Giving You The “Right to Be Forgotten” on the Internet. Learn All About It.

Recently, the Karnataka High Court recognized and upheld an individual’s right to be forgotten in a landmark judgment. This is a completely new concept for India, as prior to this there has been no significant cases wherein an individual moved the court seeking an order to remove all information and data related to them available on the Internet.

TBI Blogs: The Supreme Court – and a New Legislation – Are Bringing Fresh Signs of Hope for India’s Disabled!

Last week the Supreme Court directed the Centre to fulfill promises under the ‘Accessible India’ campaign. Meanwhile, the chief legislation for persons with disabilities is being tabled in Parliament, which holds great potential to reshape our surroundings and systems.

TBI Blogs: This Visually Challenged Lawyer Dreams of Becoming a Judge – and He’s on His Way There Already

Despite being instrumental in helping the cause of the disabled in the country, the Indian judiciary has been unable to remove discrimination from within the legal profession. Now, with a landmark order, the Andhra Pradesh High Court has set the ball rolling to remedy the situation.