Ladakh’s First and Only All-Women Travel Company and the Woman Who Started it All

How many women does it take to start an all-women travel company, set up a women’s welfare network for women in distress, write tirelessly on social and environmental issues, win a bronze at the National Ice Hockey Championship, and keep training an ever-growing number of women to be professional trekking guides in the harsh terrain of Ladakh? Just one, if that woman happens to be Thinlas Chorol.

The Engineer Who Is Creating Ice Stupas To Solve The Water Problems Of People In Ladakh

Inspired by Chewang Norphel's work of creating artificial glaciers, when Sonam Wangchuk saw people struggling to meet their basic water requirements in Ladakh, he came up with a solution of creating vertical ice stupas to store water for a longer time. The average stupa is 35 meters to 40 meters high and can store upto 16,000 cubic litres of water which is enough to irrigate 10 hectares of land. Read how Wangchuk plans to create 80-90 such stupas to solve all of Ladakh's water troubles.