How Innovative Agricultural Techniques Are Helping Farmers In Jharkhand Produce Bumper Crops

With various innovative techniques, farmers in Jharkhand have transformed their lives and some of them have even managed to double their yield. From incorporating Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems to learning to prepare vermi-compost at home and engaging with other farmers, agriculture is benefiting these families much more than it ever did before. Learn about some of these techniques here.
Shalini Gupta, who heads the Domchach block in Koderma district, is a vocal anti-corruption campaigner and along with her team of village women representatives, keeps a keeps a sharp eye on the working of the anganwadis. (Credit: Saadia Azim\WFS)

TBI Women: After 30 Years, Jharkhand Gets A Taste Of Woman Power

Women-led panchayats (village councils) in many parts of Jharkhand are proving to be a very successful model of governance, with the women leaders taking charge to address local and long-ignored issues like sustainable employment and equal pay for women, corruption in government schemes, women's property rights, irrigation and water supply, among others. Could this be an example for the rest of the country?
The 18 girls in their traditional attire, lifting the trophy at Victoria Gastiez, Spain

TBI Inspirations: An Incredible Journey From Jharkhand To Spain For This All-Girls Football Team

For several days now, our readers have been pointing us to a remarkably inspiring story that was making waves on social media but had not received its due coverage in conventional media. As we prepared to run the article today, it was heartening to see that it also appeared on the front page of The Hindu, covered by one of our freelance writers, Anumeha Yadav. Here we piece together the amazing story for you, compiled from the many sources that our readers have sent us, and for which we would like to thank them.