Dr Nazeera Farooq single-handedly operated upon 75 pregnant
women that landed up in her private hospital in Srinagar during the
floods. (Credit: Shazia Yosuf\WFS)

These Brave Kashmiri Doctors Risked Their All To Save Young Mothers

When J&K witnessed a horrifying flood, several doctors and patients spent four days in a hospital without food and electricity. From operating without resources and delivering C-section babies without anaesthesia to pumping air in patients' lungs manually, these doctors did everything they had to do to save the stranded flood victims. Read more about their miraculous contribution.
Guru ka langar, Amritsar

The Golden Temple Rises To The Occasion To Help The Jammu And Kashmir Flood Victims

When all the forces including the army, government, social media and public are working together to help the victims of Jammu and Kashmir flood, considered to be the worst in 100 years, Guru ka Langar in Amritsar has created a record of sorts when food for 1,00,000 flood victims was airlifted to be distributed to them. Read to know more on how they achieved the amazing feat.
The picturesque town of Kishtwar

TBI Specials: A Different Kishtwar – One Which Showed The Way In Religious Tolerance And Communal Harmony

As curfew continues for the 12th straight day in Kishtwar based on the reports of communal violence, it might be difficult to imagine it as a place where Hindus and Muslims lived in perfect harmony, in fact much more than in many other parts of the country! But writer Yoginder Sikand recalls a time when he witnessed this communal bonhomie with his own eyes and felt it strongly in the many exceptional people that he met on his visits there.