TBI Exclusive: How Academy Award Nominee Bombay Jayashri Is Using Music To Help Autistic Kids

Bombay Jayashri ramnath needs no introduction, apart from working with several international and national artists, this Academy award nominee is doing some amazing work by sharing her art with children with special needs. Know more about her various initiatives in this exclusive interview with TBI and how she is changing lives of many autistic kids.
India_An Alphabet Ride

Take Your Children On An Unusual Journey Of India – An Alphabet Ride

Where every alphabet has a much deeper meaning than just a way to understand the English language. While "A" tells you all about the Indian national Anthem, B is dedicated to our Brave armed forces. And, this is just the start of this catchy, colourful book. We caught up with the Shallu Jindal, author of the book to know more about her life and the book itself.
First experimental lawn successfully developed, flanked by trees that were planted and nicely grown on the wasteland.

Aravali Institute of Management: The Story Of Breathing Life Into A Barren Land

This is a story of fighting huge odds stacked against you. This is a story of sheer grit and perseverance. This is a story of putting Science and Technology to good use. This is a story of overcoming obstacles like corruption and red tape without compromising on your ethics. This is a story of transforming 95 acres of the 'worst land in Rajasthan' into a green campus of an educational institute. Read on.
Several programmes have been undertaken by Swades Foundation to make education more effective and comprehensive in villages where they operate

Swades Foundation – Building Capacity In Rural India

Remember the 2004 Bollywood film in which an NRI Mohan Bhargava (played by Shah Rukh Khan) returns to India and is moved by the harsh realities faced by the people in his village to become an agent of change? The name of that film was Swades, and here is an organization called Swades Foundation that shares a similar mission - to bring about change in rural India. To know how they are doing this, read more.
Bagiya school in Gurgaon "mainstreams" more than 50 children of construction site workers every year!

TBI Changemakers: Shilpa Sonal – Building A Better Future Through Education

There are innumerable construction sites in our cities, but scarcely any arrangements for the education of the workers' children. Nestled among the landscaped villas and high-rise apartments of Gurgaon, Bagiya is one such school. Here we present an interview with the founder, Shilpa Sonal, to know what made her get started on this mission and what all she has achieved in six short years.
Empower People aims to reach out to the most vulnerable sections of the society and provide them with sustainable assistance

TBI Heroes: An Amazing Indian Who Aspires To Empower People

He has the courage to raise voice against the social evil of bride trafficking, enslaving and exploitation of women. He has the passion to inspire and lead a 300-kilometer ‘March Against Female Foeticide and Gender Inequality’. He has the perseverance to fight all odds because he wants to build an India where women will live with respect and equality. Meet Shafiq ur Rahman Khan, the founder of ‘Empower People’.
Mr Sharma with an elder in Old Age Home

TBI Heroes: Vidya Rattan Sharma – Incorporating Modern Ways To Solve Age-Old Problems

This is the story of a remarkable man, Mr. Vidya Rattan Sharma, who started as a cook in a local NGO, and went on to create several innovative products in the area of cooking stoves, traditional medicine, organic farming and animal husbandry. His passion for finding solutions to centuries-old problems and determination to carry on his work even in the face of resistance or lack of resources is an inspiration to all.