He Did Not Go To An Engineering College But Created India’s First Electric Concept Bike

Santhosh's love for machines was evident from childhood. Financial restrictions and responsibilities did not allow him to pursue a full-fledged career in the engineering field, but he did not give up and created India's first electric concept bike all on his own. Not only this, he has several mentions in the Limca Book of records for his various inventions.

How Indrajit’s Simple Innovation Is Changing The Way Ginger And Turmeric Is Planted In The Country

Indrajit Singh Khas observed the problems faced by farmers while planting turmeric and ginger. They had to manually dig the soil which was both time consuming and costly. He invented a simple technology to solve this issue. His innovation not only simplifies the tedious process of ginger plantation but also increases the harvest. Know more about the machine and how Indrajit, who had no technical background, made it possible.

How Innovative Agricultural Techniques Are Helping Farmers In Jharkhand Produce Bumper Crops

With various innovative techniques, farmers in Jharkhand have transformed their lives and some of them have even managed to double their yield. From incorporating Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems to learning to prepare vermi-compost at home and engaging with other farmers, agriculture is benefiting these families much more than it ever did before. Learn about some of these techniques here.

He Brought Rainwater From Rooftops To Water Taps And Changed 1000s Of Lives In Rural Rajasthan

Walking several miles just to get a bucket of water which they have to carefully use through the day is a common sight in many rural areas of the country. Bhagwati Agrawal is attempting to solve this problem through a simple yet innovative rainwater harvesting solution. Watch how Aakash Ganga is providing water security to several villages in rural Rajasthan and changing thousands of lives.

She Was 12 Years Old When She Invented An Adjustable Walker To Help Climb Stairs

Moved by the difficulties her grandfather faced, Shalini Kumari invented a walker that ultimately landed her in NIF-India’s league of winners. A walker to help the physically weak climb stairs was designed by her when she was only in class 9! Read further to know about her invention’s journey from an idea to a product in the market.

The Man Who Is Bringing Back The Forgotten Herbs To Cure Several Diseases

A young and curious Ramaji Parmar would follow his father to the jungle to understand more about the herbs he used to treat various deseases. After his father's demise, he followed in his footsteps and made some amazing contributions to herbal science by growing and nurturing endangered herbs in a botanical garden.

When An Earthquake Hit Gujarat, He Invented “Mitticool”, A Clay Fridge That Runs Without Electricity

When Mansukh bhai suffered severe loss in the Gujarat earthquake, he got an idea to make a fridge out of clay. He invented "Mitticool" which runs without electricity and also preserves the original taste of the food items. Apart from a fridge, he has invented non-stick earthen tavas, earthen thermos flasks, etc. Know all about the man who is helping millions with his amazing environment-friendly and pocket-friendly innovations.

He Designed A Shoe For The Visually Impaired That Vibrates To Show Them The Right Path

Around 300 million people in the world are visually impaired and face difficulties every day in activities as basic as walking. Anirudh Sharma and Krispian Lawrence came up with an interesting idea to simplify the lives of visually impaired people. Read their journey of change and how they designed a special haptic shoe line that helps the blind navigate easily.