FINDER NASA technology

How Technology developed for Outer Space is saving lives in Nepal

A unique suitcase-sized device that can detect human heartbeats and breathing patterns of survivors buried even 30 feet below crushed rock, is set to revolutionize search and rescue operations around the world. Here's all you need to know about it and its potential for India.

He Did Not Go To An Engineering College But Created India’s First Electric Concept Bike

Santhosh's love for machines was evident from childhood. Financial restrictions and responsibilities did not allow him to pursue a full-fledged career in the engineering field, but he did not give up and created India's first electric concept bike all on his own. Not only this, he has several mentions in the Limca Book of records for his various inventions.
Indrajeet Singh with his innovation.

How Indrajit’s Simple Innovation Is Changing The Way Ginger And Turmeric Is Planted In The Country

Indrajit Singh Khas observed the problems faced by farmers while planting turmeric and ginger. They had to manually dig the soil which was both time consuming and costly. He invented a simple technology to solve this issue. His innovation not only simplifies the tedious process of ginger plantation but also increases the harvest. Know more about the machine and how Indrajit, who had no technical background, made it possible.