Ahar Pyne system in Gaya, South Bihar; Image courtesy: Hindi Water Portal

TBI Videos: Magadh Jal Jamaat Helps Revive 2000-year old Flood Water Harvesting Systems in Gaya, Bihar

Magadh Jal Jamaat, a loose network of progressive individuals in Gaya has been successfully able to revive over a dozen abandoned water sources and have instilled in people the need to create, clean up and conserve several lakes and ponds in the region. The problem of water scarcity had been of late afflicting the region, which once had a good system of ponds. But through their efforts, the group has managed to revive the traditional methods of irrigation, which are now more effective than the largest irrigation system in the area.

Hole in the Wall (HiWEL) – Spreading Computer Literacy

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come" - This is precisely the thought which has taken shape in the form of HiWEL. 'Hole in the Wall' offers a refreshingly fresh perspective on the...