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Mamta at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering

Seeing Her Own House Getting Washed Away Did Not Stop This Young Girl From Saving A 1000 Lives!

On June 16, 2013, one of the worst cloud bursts struck the state of Uttarakhand. Millions were rendered homeless and many lost their lives. It’s been almost a year now and yet the process of rehabilitation and relocation of many is a question mark. Amidst this, here is an inspiring story of a young brave heart from Bankoli village in Uttarkashi district, one of the worst affected districts during the floods.

The Woman Who Has Traveled Across The Country Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness

Some people are lost in their own misfortunes, but for some rare gems, misfortunes make them stronger and more compassionate. Ritu Biyani is one such person. Her own suffering with breast cancer made her take it up as her life's mission to spread awareness among urban, rural and tribal reaches of India. Sagar Vishnoi had a chance to interview this outstanding woman.
Every drop of water is a precious commodity during summer months

The Man Who Brought Water To Drought-Affected Beed

The incredible story of how a man from Beed and his NGO took on dried lakes and water bodies in drought-prone districts of Maharashtra and revived them. The scale of operations and the superlative management of resources for bringing to life 85 water bodies in a span of 3 months is straight out of an MBA case study!
Herds of deer were seen skipping about

India’s Only Man-Made Sanctuary – A Green Dream That Took 15 Years To Sprout!

Read how one man's vision and perseverance led to the creation on India's only man-made sanctuary. It took 15 years of convincing villagers and enlisting their participation, but the beautiful forest is now replete with fauna and flora. Although the man is no longer among us, his legacy still exists for all to see, appreciate and enjoy. Truly, a life well spent!
Children at the Tamarind School can speak fluent English and are learning technology too!

TBI Changemakers: Tamarind Tree – How One Couple Is Changing A Village, A Community And A Tribe

The very next day after their wedding, Hemant Babu and Michelle Chawla packed their bags and set off, not for their honeymoon, but to live in an unglamorous tribal village, Dahanu. Their parents thought the newly married will be back in Mumbai in a few days’ time. But it’s been eleven long years now - the couple have made Dahanu their home, contributing to the lives of the Warli tribes and to the ecology of this once barren land.

TBI Inspirations: The Couple Who Lives To Change Lives!

Take a moment to meet Shibumon and Elizabeth - a couple who have come a long, long way from their home in Kerala to live among a marginalized community of snake charmers in the outskirts of Delhi, so that they can give the children there a chance at life! Read a story that will take your breath away and restore your faith in humanity!
Savitribai Phule placed "universal, child sensitive, intellectually critical, and socially reforming education at the very core of the agenda for all children in India" by setting up the first school for girls in 1848 with eight students.

TBI Heroes: Savitribai, The Mother Of Modern Girls’ Education In India

Savitribai Phule may not be as famous as Mahatma Gandhi or Swami Vivekananda. But her impact on the liberation of the Indian woman has been no less spectacular or significant. One of the earliest crusaders of education for girls, and dignity for the most vulnerable sections of society - dalits, women and widows, Savitribai broke all the traditional shackles of 19th century India to herald a new age of thinking. She can be legitimately hailed as the mother of Indian Feminism. Read about her remarkable life of courage and initiative.
Abdul Kareem - The man who made a forest in Kasargod, Kerala

TBI Heroes: Abdul Kareem – The Man Who Planted a Forest

Jean Giono’s 1953 story, ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’ tells the tale of a shepherd named Elzeard Bouffier, who planted trees all along an Alpine Valley to recreate a desolate forest. Whether Bouffier ever existed in reality or not, we may never know. But in Kasargod district of Kerala, there lives a man in flesh and blood who actually did this - a man who bought 32 acres of barren land and planted a forest there - all by himself! Read more
Old and kids go hungry - there are residents of New Didsari who have now shifted to the Primary school above their village

TBI Uttarakhand Diaries – Hope Floats On NGOs And Volunteers

TBI writer Anusha Subramanian is currently in Uttarakhand, participating in the relief operations and assisting the locals in rebuilding their lives. She reports from the scene of the devastating floods on the current situation in the affected areas, on the aid provided by the administration, and the stupendous work being carried out by trekkers, mountaineers, Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), army personnel and NGOs.
Bhanwari Devi (right) with her daughter Rameshwari, in Mangalore

The Irony Of Iconhood – The Life And Times Of Bhanwari Devi

India's rape culture has given birth to many women activists and icons. Bhanwari Devi, a victim of gang-rape in 1992, is one of them. As an epitome of sheer courage and conviction, she inspires women to take a stand for their rights. But the irony of the whole situation is that even after she has won awards, recognition and leadership status at all levels, her very basic need, justice, remains unfulfilled!
Thilak and Dhana have been part of social trekking groups in Chennai

A Wedding With A Difference – That Made A Difference!

Today we bring you a unique story. A story of two people with exemplary courage, spirit and ideals. A story that shows, more than any Bollywood movie can, that true love has a higher purpose. That marriages can achieve a lot. Even more surprisingly, what mere weddings can achieve a lot! So read, learn and be amazed.

Transforming 120 acres of barren land into a self-sufficient organic farm: The story of Rajesh Naik and Oddoor farms

A visit to Oddoor farms near Mangalore, Karnataka, provides an inspiring example of the efforts made by Rajesh Naik to transform 120 acres of barren land into a lush green farm through his persistent efforts of creating a 2 acre wide and 50 feet deep lake, which has not only transformed the surrounding area, but has also helped in improving the water table in the surrounding village, besides helping in the development of a self sufficient organic farm and a dairy.
Khurshid Kaimkhani

Khurshid Chacha, I Won’t Ever Forget You

Yoginder Sikand introduces you to the renowned scholar Khurshid Kaimkhani. Chacha, as he was fondly called, lived an extraordinary life and strived hard to work for the betterment of the lower caste Hindus and Muslims in Pakistan. Having been forced to leave his village in Rajasthan, Khurshid Chacha travelled extensively and even penned a book about his home town. Read on to know more about him and the inspirational life he lived.
Empower People aims to reach out to the most vulnerable sections of the society and provide them with sustainable assistance

TBI Heroes: An Amazing Indian Who Aspires To Empower People

He has the courage to raise voice against the social evil of bride trafficking, enslaving and exploitation of women. He has the passion to inspire and lead a 300-kilometer ‘March Against Female Foeticide and Gender Inequality’. He has the perseverance to fight all odds because he wants to build an India where women will live with respect and equality. Meet Shafiq ur Rahman Khan, the founder of ‘Empower People’.
Till date, thousands of orphans have stayed and studied in SRKS and currently there are 67 being taken care of in the facility.

TBI Heroes: Fighting for Freedom from the British to Freedom from Poverty

Saunak Bhattacharyya had an opportunity to meet a 96-year old freedom fighter who changed his outlook on life and made him think deeply on what it is that makes heroes - ordinary men and women who make extraordinary sacrifices so that others around them can live better. Whether through love for his country or love for his fellow human beings, young and old, Mr, Sudhanshu Biswas teaches the values of compassion, perseverance and belief in one's purpose.