Despite Having Two Kids with Special Needs, This Couple Set out to Help Other Parents Like Them

Their own struggle helped them develop empathy towards others. The empathy, in turn, helped them build a solid support system for other parents of children with special needs. This is the inspiring story of K. Madhu Babu and D. Varija, a Dubai-returned couple and their children – a 9-year-old autistic son, Hem Sreesh, and a 7-year-old daughter Varhsini who lives with learning disabilities.

An Offline Social Network for Teachers Is Changing the Education Scenario in Northern India

Speak of the sad state of education today and people are quick to blame teachers – their lack of motivation, interest in making a quick buck through tuitions, absenteeism, etc. But here’s one organization that does not just appreciate their efforts but increases their motivation to teach. It gives them the tools and support necessary to become problem solvers in a larger movement for the betterment of education.