Dancers performing to the Shanti Mantra

A Breathtaking Odissi Performance On The Rocks, To Save The Rocks!

The twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad lie on the Deccan Plateau, and boast of some beautiful natural rock formations. These heritage rocks, that survived millions of years of the vagaries of nature, are now falling prey to the greed of man. Read how a few individuals are trying to save these rocks in creative ways, before we lose these magnificent treasures forever.
The most heartening thing about this enchanting village is that a local conservation committee, with generous help from the nearby villages, takes great pains to keep this amazing piece of history intact. The deserted village lanes are broomed every day, and mindless picnickers are prevented from scrawling on these hallowed walls!

TBI Photo Essay: Kuldhara – The Deserted Enigma

Today, join us as we explore a mysterious ruins, and try to unravel the baffling secret that led people living for five centuries in 82 villages to just pack up and leave overnight! Enter the world of the unknown at Kuldhara in Rajasthan. Shrouded in enigma and surrounded by myths, this is a place that lights up the darkest recesses of our imagination!