This App Connects People with the Govt to Address Public Health Hazards in Bangalore

You spot an open drain in your neighbourhood, or a garbage pile that is slowly growing to be the breeding spot for disease-spreading mosquitoes. What do you do? Where do you complain? A group of friends from Bangalore has developed an app that connects people with the Karnataka government to address such health hazards. And it is already yielding results.
Jasmin, 12, a Class Eight student, wants her elected representative to provide safe drinking water near her Science Park 'basti' so that she doesn't have to stand in line for hours at a tap a long distance away from her home and end up being late for her classes. (Credit: Sarada Lahangir\WFS)

They Can’t Vote. But They Still Know What They Want From These Elections. This Is The Children’s Manifesto!

At an age when most children are interested in their toys and gadgets, these kids from slums in Bhubaneshwar are dealing with real life problems and have clear thoughts on what they want from their elected leaders. What's more, they have also drawn up a manifesto for their demands! Find out what they want and what the politicians think.