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This Man Wants Girls to Study. Even If He Has to Pay Them to Come to School!

A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) made his way back to India to work on the issue of girls’ education in rural Uttar Pradesh. His interesting initiative has girls getting Rs 10 for every day of school attendance and even a toilet at home if the attendance exceeds 70%. But the biggest reward is watching the young women get empowered to work and become independent.
Thanks to the timely identification, many school dropout girls have been readmitted in the schools.

A Mobile Based Intervention That Saved Suraiya from Sex Trafficking & Masuda from Child Labour

Millions of girls in India become victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and child labour every year. West Bengal is one such state where girls are at high risk for trafficking and other abuse. GPower, a mobile-based intervention in 20 villages of the state, is identifying the girls in need of help and providing them with much needed and timely support based on their level of vulnerability.

She Showed How It Is Possible for ONE Girl to Transform an Entire Village through Education

Education was the last thing on the minds of Mallahipurva villagers. Especially for girls, who were considered as just extra hands to support the family. But one girl, Gudiya, fought all odds and became the first one in her village to pass Secondary School. She did not stop at just this. She started a school for other kids in her own house and made sure they embraced the gift of education too. This is how she brought about the transformation.