Tihar Jail Giving Its Inmates A Second Chance Through An Automotive Manufacturing Unit In Jail

Tihar Jail has opened a first-of-its-kind automotive manufacturing unit in Tihar Jail number 2 which will offer various livelihood options for the inmates. South Asia's biggest prison has always been keen on starting various initiatives to keep the inmates busy and help them lead a better life in the future. Read more to know what all the jail authorities have been doing to encourage the convicts.
women bartenders

3 Cheers To These Women Pioneers Who Are Exploring An Uncharted Career Path In India – Bartending!

The subject of women bartenders broadly combines the two biggest insecurities of contemporary Indian society – the pertinent questions regarding women liberation and empowerment along with the contentious issue of alcohol sale and consumption. Meet some of the brave women bartenders in India who are breaking the mould and trailblazing their way into uncharted territory.
lifedream foundation

This Bunch Of IT Professionals Is Allowing School Dropouts To Dream Of Better Jobs And Better Lives

While earning through our cushy jobs, how many of us think about similar achievements for those who do not have access to all resources? This bunch of IT professionals does! At Lifedream, dreams are turned into reality for those who drop out of school due to lack of resources. Here we tell you about Lifedream’s creation, its role and its challenges.

How Flowers From The Trash Can Are Replacing ‘Mental Disability’ With ‘Financial Independence’ and ‘Dignity’!

It’s been some time since we consciously sensitized ourselves by replacing the word ‘disability’ with ‘differently abled’ and ‘challenged’. Now, here we have someone who has dared to replace ‘mental disability’ with ‘employability’ – Madhumita Puri, Founder of Society for Child Development. It’s indeed an endeavour that has hearteningly pushed the boundaries of limitation to claim new territories.

ETASHA – Breaking The Cycle of Poverty By Working On Youth Employability

In 2006 ETASHA Society was borne out of the belief that it is very important to help young people in developing new skills, by giving them access to relevant vocational training and connecting them with employers. The NGO has played a great role in enabling the youth to take control of their own careers and lives, and to help their families break out of the cycle of poverty.
Learning computer skills is an essential part of the training

How Taking City Jobs To Rural Shores Is Bringing A Big Leap In The Development Of Indian Villages

RuralShores was started keeping in mind the problems associated with mass migration of rural youth to the cities in search of jobs, both to the individuals and to society as a whole. It focuses on enabling these youth to have access to jobs without leaving the villages. On the whole, this is positively impacting the development of rural parts of India as well as giving stable jobs and incomes to the people.
The social venture has provided employment to thousands of farmers and curbed migration to cities

TBI Social Enterprise: Green Leaf Energy – A Sapling That Brought A Sea Of Change!

Some stories, some people, some initiatives, make the passersby pause and take note. These are stories of courage, of passion, of change and of unparalleled determination. Kumar Ankit, an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur, is an epitome of all that a social entrepreneur needs to be. He is all of 25, but the milestones which he has achieved are not just remarkable but awe-inspiring too. Read on
Visit Dilwara around mid-day and chances are that you will find many women sitting in the courtyards of their homes, plying their needle. (Credit: WFS)

TBI Women: A Stitch In Time Saves Lives

Women in rural as well as many urban parts of Rajasthan may not have much formal education, but the one skill they possess is sewing. With the help of an organization, many of these women now have the opportunity to put this skill to good use and generate additional household income. This is empowering them in ways unthinkable a few years ago, and changing the very fabric of their lives.